For Faster, Simpler and More Stress-Free Bridge Inspections

Bridge inspections can be challenging. Outdated paper form systems further complicate the process by prolonging inspections. OSIMple simplifies bridge inspections by providing users with a paperless offline first software solution that enables them to collect, store, retrieve, and analyze bridge inspection data.

With OSIMple's easy-to-use inspection and reporting solutions, municipal structures can maintain high levels of serviceability and safety. Inspectors can quickly access and display historical data from previous inspections and focus future inspections on areas of concern. As a result, inspection accuracy increases in less time.

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Easily Complete Your Bridge Inspections

OSIM provides an easy-to-use iOS application to facilitate bridge inspections based on the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM) or variations of it for element-level assessment. Its highly responsive interface allows technicians to access data on the field and provides assisted error correction, simplifying inspections. With the automation of post-inspection data entry, technicians can meet bridge inspection requirements with greater efficiency.

Use Real-Time Data to Better Manage Your Bridge Networks

OSIMple portal provides a streamlined system for monitoring and managing real-time data based on completed inspections. DOT (Decision Optimization Technology)TM software uses this information to visualize and manage bridge inventory using dashboards, GIS maps, and other data visualization and management capabilities to generate reports that comply with Federal requirements.

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User viewing Decision Optimization Technology (DOT) Software dashboard chart

Optimize Your Capital Plans for Better Results

DOT™ software Structures module processes OSIMple bridge condition data at the element-level, available funding sources, degradation models, socioeconomic goals, and customized analysis to deliver a defensible, implementable plan. DOT™ can access real-time inspection data via OSIMples software to facilitates better capital planning for clients.

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